Geshe Lobsang Dhonden

Geshe Lobsang Dhonden is from the  Drepung Loseling Monastic Gya House, which is the same house as Geshe Dhamcho -la. He was a born in Tibet in 1971  and travelled to South India in 1980.

He  became a monk  at the Loseling Monastery when  he  was 9 years old  and joined the Drepung Loseling Buddhist Cultural School (DLBCS) at the end of 1980 where he studied for eight years. During this time his main subjects were; Tibetan grammar, Tibetan history, memorising  ritual text and Buddhist philosophy and English.  After this he continued studying Buddhist Philosophy  and  graduated  with a Geshe Degree  on the 7th August 2007.   He has been a staff member of  the  Drepung Loseling Library Society since 1999,  and is currently the administrator of  the  Loseling Library Society.